At Clearwater, we decide to take a room in a motel and we find a really cute place on a lake shore, Tom cooks carbonara pastas without cream (apparently it is traditionnal without cream, did you know?) and they are delicious ! We have a really nice night there. The next day we visit Wells Gray Park reknown for bear sightings, and we do meet one on the road ! Our first black bear is very relaxed walking around on the park road.

The parc is full of wonderful waterfalls, one allows you to go behind. Watch the video below to live the experience !

On our road to Vancouver, we stop in the suburbs of the city to change the oil and make a laundry, the people are really nice with us and even people met in the street as we tidy our laundry and look for the car keys which are mysteriously and temporarily gone.


At Vancouver we go to a restaurant, Suika, an amazingly delicious fusion japanese and western cooking, we have a great time ! After this nice meal, we park on a parking lot with a view on the river and have an excellent night.

The next day we take the feery for Nanaimo on Vancouver island. It does not stop raining but at least it is less cold. On the island, we go towards Tofino, a little nice surfing village where we have a good burger at The Shed before finding a quiet place to sleep. We then visit the Pacific Rim park with beautiful walks on the sea shore. It is nice to be back close to the ocean after so much time inland, we then take a boat to go look for bears. We are lucky to spot several during the trip, it is very nice and the weather is beautiful so we have a nice afternoon in the open air. In the evening, we sleep in a camping to get a good hot shower and on top, this one has a jaccuzi so we enjoy it even if the night then is quite fresh.

We then go in the heart of the island, to the beautiful area of Shawnigan lake, before heading to an old and stylish wooden bridge recently restored, kinsol trestle.

We take the road towards the south of the island and to Haliburton Community Farm where we are welcomed by Katie who makes us discover this unusual farm model. It is like a start-up nursery but of farms ! It's right in the middle of the city ! Discover more HERE. It is really cool and Katie is adorable and offers us to come have dinner at her place where we spend an excellent evening with her and her British boyfriend James. We sleep in front of their house, quiet in this residential area.

The next day, i realize my tablet is broken. In fact the loading plug has broken off the motherboard so as I cannot charge it anymore, i cannot turn it on anymore. As i used to charge it often on the car battery while we were driving,

Weirdly, it had been several days that i was complaining a fair bit, like having homesickness or rather settlement sickness gnawing at me during our continental cross over. I kept questioning our current project, thinking about our next one, feeling the need to come home and start our farm. Is it because we had met so many happy people in their farms or the fatigue of moving without stopping or the emotion of having left Québec and everyone we met there and how we had felt so integrated ? A little bit of everything i guess. And here it is, emotions accumulating and crystallizing and my tablet, as a response and symbol of our project, is broken ! After going to several places to try and have it fixed, the answer is without question to send it back to the manufacturer.We go to a second hand shop for computers and finally find a good fit. Here we go again !

Next we go to OUR ecovillage. Discover this beautiful place and great community HERE. We arrive there quite tired but are very well welcomed, the couple that sleeps in the same house as us is adorable and the house built out of cob and strawbale is just magnificent. We had seen this kind of house but had never slept inside. It is an inexplicable feeling, it is comfortable, warm, serene and healthy all at the same time, the sounds are absorbed and become round, the eyes are calmed by the natural soft colors of the place and the abundance of natural light, the warmth diffuses softly under our feet that are treading the natural material based ground. In addition it is beautiful. The next day I wake up with a new energy, the big black cloud that culminated with the loss of my tablet is now gone. A new serenity sets in and smiles come easier. As it happens we are there on the day of the Canadian Thanksgiving and so we are invited to the community buffet and have a fantastic day discovering it. We stay one more night than planned as we are not quite ready to leave the quiet and joy of the environment.

The next day it is both serene and resourced that we leave Canada to take the ferry to the US.


It is a beautiful end to our Canadian adventure. I can’t really say which emotions are seizing us as we are leaving the shores of this beautiful country filled with welcoming and warm people, a fascinating fauna and a formidable nature.