We arrive in Cusco in a kind of waking nightmare for me and great discumfort for Thomas. My legs are really hurting, probably inflammed tendons as it happens often to me and a horrible stomach pain. Thomas also has stomach pain. We arrive very early in this 3400m high city, it is really cold still as the sun is just up. The city is beautiful but we just want to go to bed and we cannot find the hostel we had picked. Sick and tired of the situation, we stop at a café to have some breakfast. The lady offers us to stay in one of her rooms – turns out she has some ! - for a very reasonable fee. We'll require some medication to stop the stomach aches. Motivated by this bad experience, we go have dinner in a vegan restaurant, thinking it should be a light meal. Turns out we can't even finish our plate ! Luckily, we are able to bag the rest and bring it home, it'll be enough for the whole next meal. The room is very noisy, without a window nor hot water, not even water depending on the time od the day. Sick as we are, in the meantime I caught a cold and Thomas soon follows, we need to get some good rest. We want to go trek the Salkanthay soon so we really need to get better. All of it, the legs, the cold, the stomach, all of it needs to heal ! We find a small reasonable hotel, well above the local budget but with sauna and hot showers that have pressure. A real treat ! While I give a rest to my legs, Thomas goes on an excursion to discover the wonderful Rainbow Mountains. Over frequented by tourists but for good reasons as the landscape is breathtaking !