In Ica we only spend half a day so we accept the offer of a taxi driver to bring us to taste some local products and have a visit of the Huancachina oasis. We discover not only pisco, which can really be delicious, such as very good vodka can be so totally different from the student parties one, but also a lot of derivated products such pisco creams associated to local plants which are absolutely divine.

This evening we end our travels in Paracas, at the seashore, the atmosphere is so entirely different again from the countryside, it feels good to find the ocean air and its spray as well as the sea level ! The next day we rent bicycles to make a tour in the magnificent dune park where we have a little fun mountain biking and admiring the sea birds dance, diving straight down to fish on a school of fish which seems to be hanging out in the protected waters of the bay. Thomas goes to take a cooking lesson about how to make a good ceviche with a friend of our couchsurfing's hosts in Lima who is a chef in the kitchen of a big hotel nearby.