We land around midnight in Lima. Loreana comes to pick us up wearing her Pjs, they live near the airport. As soon as we are there and it is already a memorable meeting with this very nice couple from Lima, Loreana and Erickson, who immediately take care to train our taste buds to some of the very numerous culinary or vegetal specialties of Peru. It is THE gastronomic country of South America thus there is an impressiv variety of eddible vegetables and a even greater number of varieties for each of those vegetables and fruits. Around 3000 varieties of potatoes, more than 500 of avocados, corn of all colors and sizes, peppers covering an incredible taste range... you can imagine that Thomas is besides himself with joy there !

We spend the weekend with our new friends discovering the old Lima, while eating the best chicharoon of the city, absolutely divine boiled and fried pork, churros which you cannot imagine the spectacular taste if you haven't tried it. We also go through the trendiest parts of the city, Miraflores and Barranco, we like especially the last one with its music everywhere in the streets, its little bars and promesing restaurants as well as generally an arty atmosphere illustrated by a lot of street art. It is a brief first taste of the city. Lima is an enormous city, it requires more than an hour to go from one end to the other in car and through the main roads and when circulation is fluid. We move around with Loreana by bus the first day which requires a real mastery of the bus organisation ! We are pretty amazed by this first glance even with the really strong pollution and intense dust of the city that make me cough. We end the weekend watching a soccer game with Erickson's friends and have a party at home all Sunday long, a real peruvian afternoon !