Last days in Peru. We are back in Lima. As it is the country of the gastronomy in South America, we booked a month ago a table at Astrid & Gaston. We feel a little out of place with our not so chic clothe in front of the majestuous marble stairway to get in the restaurant. Of couse, in order to make it look even better, i trip and fall face flat on the stairs. Of course ! It is red as a tomatoe that I follow Thomas and our super chic waiter to our table. It is a real treat for our taste buds, a fusion between typical local peruvian fresh food and a very gastronomic and modern cuisine. The next day, we close the loop of the Peruvian getaway by having dinner with our couchsurf hosts, Loreana and Ericson with anticuchos before having a last drink at their place, close to the airport where they kindly drop us off for our 4am flight. We hope to see them again as they are really a kind hearted couple and we are so grateful for their friendship. Next stop, Montreal, and the Northern hesmiphere summer !