We go back to Cusco first where we watch the Copa America final live. After a lot of emotions and suprises, Peru is in the final ! They even beat Argentina to get there ! It is thus logical they start dreaming even with the final being against Brazil in Brazil. You can imagine the electric atmosphere in the streets of the city. We find a nice place to watch the game and are not disappointed even when finally Peru loses the game itself.

From Cusco, we leave with a night bus and wind through vast moonlike landscapes with soft hills. We are going to Nasca, attracted by the very famous « Nasca lines », huge drawing made in the desert and only visible in their entirety from watchtowers or by helicopters even. The mystery of their creation during a pre-petrol era is still whole, the symbols are amazing even if from the watchtowers we only see a few of them. We also visit other ruins and an ingenious system to transport and store water which is still running today.


What an incredible civilization ! Building monumentous stone constructions like these. At the end of the day, we are stuck close to the lines watchtowers, on foot a few tens of km from Nasca. With us, two Spanish guys also in the same situation. We talk while waiting for a bus or someone to stop and take us back to town. They are traveling for social and environmental projects, we have fascinating discussions.

Finally, it is a police car that stops and takes us in. At 6 in the pick-u car, I am on Thomas lap, the driver is on the phone, all is fine. They give us some tips about the typical aloholic drinks to try and for restaurants in Nasca. They drop us off at the bus station where our two newfound friends book a bus for later tonight.

We are bewildered by the debonair attitude of the policemen. We regularly read the French news which is full of police violence in France on the « Gilets Jaunes » or even ecological protestors. We have a very typical dinner together and spend an excellent evening talking in spanish about the world and what needs to be done to make it better.